OPIRG E-Mail events membership is now being managed by a new program – gone are the e-mails from the address book, replaced by software called phplist.

This gives us much greater flexibility in managing users and sending the weekly events listing to you; it also gives you the opportunity to subscribe and unsubscribe yourself, or to choose html or plain text for your weekly opirg e-mail, for instance.

If you are reading this and thinking “I haven’t been getting the opirg events e-mails lately” you can contact randy(at)opirg(dot)ca or go and subscribe – we don’t want to lose any of our faithful events subscribers in the transition!

Double check your spam settings and make sure opirg and or Randy(at)opirg(dot)ca have clearance.

The weekly e-mails are generally sent on Thursdays, and the links to subscribe or unsubscribe are at the bottom of the e-mail to make it that much easier for you.

Tell your friends, co-workers, family to join the list and keep abreast of OPIRG’s good work!