Threadwork encourages individuals to think critically about the clothing sustainability. When a clothing item is torn or ripped, try to find a way to repair it! If you can’t repair it, get creative and make something with the material you have.

Upcycle is when you take something old and create something new that is equally or more valuable! I have had these pants for 4 years and I have worn them out, clearly! As you already know I made a resolution of buying no new clothes for the entire year to make a statement about the fast fashion industry! I tried to sew them back together because they were my only pair of jeans!

I couldn’t save my pants because the hole was too big and the hole would start fraying! So I made shorts and a yoga bag!!! I reused one of my sisters ribbons for my bag! This post to to encourage and inspire everyone to get creative and upcycle!! Sew those holes or create something new! If you don’t have a sewing machine you can try to find a business that allows you to use a machine! We have one in Hamilton, it’s called Needlework ! If you don’t know how to sew ask a friend or learn by taking a class or watching YouTube videos! If I can do it, you can do it! If you ever have any questions feel free to message me!

DIY Yoga Bag:
– An old pair of jeans (men’s or women’s)
– Ribbon
– Thread
– A needle and/or sewing machine
– Sewing pins
– Scissors


  1. Cut the Leg Off: Cut pants into shorts. Cut them to the length you want. Then put a lighter along the edge of the shorts to stop it from fraying! Now you can use one of the pant leg


2. Sew the Bottom: Flip the cut leg inside out. Sew the bottom closed. Then, flip the bag right-side out when you’re done.
IMG_1178.JPGIMG_1182.JPG3. Drawstring: Sew a one-inch hem at the top of the bag to hold the drawstring. Include two holes for the drawstring to go through
4. Thread in the Drawstring: Cut a length of ribbon to serve as the drawstring for your bag. Then, thread it through one of the drawstring holes (use a safety pin at one end of the ribbon and use it to guide the ribbon through.), and work it around to the other side. Continue to tug on the ribbon until it is even on both sides. TIP: to prevent the holes and the ribbon from fraying, use a lighter and put the flame along the edges.

5. Strap: Create a strap from the other pant leg. Cut the pant leg in half. Then fold it inside out. Sew a straight line along the side. Then sew ONE of the ends. Then flip it right side in. Then sew the straps on your bag however you like, stitching it in place; or if you prefer, create a denim strap by cutting three strips of fabric from the remaining leg, and braiding them together.