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The Tetra Society of North America on the scene at McMaster Campus
“Cultivating options for inclusivity in all environments and choices for individuals who have a disability with innovation and the manipulation of technology”

I am currently part of a group of students across Canada working on the Youth In Transition Program for Tetra Society of North America. Our goal is to empower young people who have a disability to progress to higher education and into paid employment.

Tetra is a not-for-profit organization that works to customize mobility devices, furniture, toys, etc. for individuals who have a disability. We work to ensure that inclusivity happens in a variety of environments –we focus on involvement in any aspect of day-to-day living.

What makes this organization unique and in need of your support for spreading the word?

We do not have restrictive eligibility criteria and we work with individuals of all ages.

Our goal is to increase the quality of life for children, adults and youth so that they can pursue higher education, work, a variety of interests, or be involved in a variety of activities that may not have seem possible.

We believe that it is not a disability that limits individuals, but the obstacles and barriers in the environment.

We are innovative and talented in adapting technology to meet an individual’s particular needs.

We are not for profit; we work in collaboration with health professionals, and we do not charge.

Our team is made up of committed skilled volunteers – caring and innovative individuals, engineers and technicians – to create assistive devices for people with specific needs that cannot be met by commercial items.

Our website is www.tetrasociety.org check out how we have made a huge difference in people’s lives with our projects. We are all over Canada and our home base is in Vancouver, B.C. I am the contact here in Hamilton.

Amanda Lemus 
Tetra Student Representative (Tetrarep.amanda@gmail.com) 
Graduate Student in the Health, Aging and Society Department
Disclaimer: this is not an official opirg mcmaster sponsored event, and is posted for information purposes only. Please contact the event organizers with any questions or concerns.