The Students for a Renegade Society working group get the credit for bringing writer/activist Derrick Jensen to town for a public lecture this THURSDAY, MARCH 1, 7.30pm in room 1A1 of the Ewart Angus Center.

This event promises to be a fascinating, inspiring, and enraging talk with the “philosopher poet of the environmental movement”.

“Speaking in an almost improvisational style, Jensen explores the nature of injustice, of what civilizations do to the natural world and how, in the face of the resulting horror that is one of the all too apparent consequences of grave injustice, civilized human beings create intricate systems of denial, silence, abnegation, deception and self-hatred to keep it at bay.”

His critique is not to be missed, nor is his urgent message for change.

Learn more about Derrick at And email Marya at for more information about the SRS and the lecture.