Message from Decolonize Now!, a coalition starting up in Toronto who wants to expand beyond the GTA:

DECOLONIZE NOW! is a coalition working to build a joint mass movement lead by Black and Indigenous people, Peoples of Colour and White allies. Our intention is to highlight the connections between our issues and to  take a stand together against the historic and ongoing colonial assault on the earth and our peoples; while working collaboratively to rebuild, healthy, sovereign Indigenous societies.

Their first campaign is running from 9 November to 7 December:

Divest to Decolonize: Invest in Justice is a campaign tied to street education, street art and protest. We are targeting banks because they are a central part of the colonial capitalist system and through their investment they are directly tied into the world’s worst injustices, namely the mining and fossil fuel industries, arms trade, big pharma, factory farming, destructive agribusiness, the illegal drug trade, the production of nuclear weapons, and exploitative labour practices.

Folks at OPIRG Toronto and York (along with action groups Mining Injustice Solidarity Network and Rising Tide Toronto) are already associated, but further info. can be found on their new website: