What was Trash Talk up to this month?

Trash Talk has been busy with multiple projects over the past month. With the goal of spreading the word about proper recycling and composting, we organized and participated in a couple of fun events on campus!

Compost@Mac Education Week

Trash Talk teamed up with the MSU Sustainability Committee during Compost@Mac Education Week. On Thursday February 28, we joined the committee in a tabling event in front of Union Market. Trash Talk stood next to waste receptacles with the familiar “This”, “That” and “The Other” labels, and engaged in conversations about proper waste management with passing students, staff and faculty. We also held a pledge against single-use plastics to raise awareness about the damaging environmental effects of these products. This important issue has recently been receiving more and more attention in mainstream media, and we had about 40 environmentally-conscious participants take the pledge!

McMaster Recycling and Compost Survey

Thank you to the members of the McMaster community who took the McMaster Recycling and Compost Survey created by Trash Talk and Eco-Friendly Mac! We were able to get a lot of valuable feedback on the challenges of recycling and composting on campus, and how we can improve and encourage proper use of the waste management system. Five lucky respondents had their names pulled from a draw, and won some great reusable items, including a waste-free notebook, reusable ziploc bags and cutlery sets!

Looking ahead…

Trash Talk plans to continue with our work to make McMaster’s recycling and composting programs more convenient and understandable. In collaboration with Facility Services, we hope to create new design alternatives to replace the current “This”, “That” and “The Other” labelling system.

Make sure to keep an eye on our Facebook page (at the link below) for our Ecological Footprint contest, which is opening this week! If you are interested in learning about how your lifestyle impacts the earth (and winning some great waste-free prizes), this contest is for you!