Stay Tuned! OPIRG McMaster is currently in the early planning stages for a community garden which will hopefully be bringing fresh produce and beautiful urban green space to you soon. Here’s a bit about the project so far!

Our vision:

Our vision is that McMaster’s campus will have a thriving garden space where folks in need of fresh produce can access it, and all members of the McMaster community can enjoy the therapeutic benefits of gardening as well as the beauty of an urban garden.

Our mission:

Our mission is to help reduce barriers to access of healthy food for members of the McMaster community by increasing availability of low or no cost produce through the garden, as well as to provide all members of the McMaster community with a space to learn about and enjoy the therapeutic benefits of gardening.

About us: This project was formally started in September 2020, and is looking for a physical site to call home. The primary focus of this garden will be food and nutrition security for the McMaster community. We plan to start out as a large communal garden plot where volunteer community members will share in all responsibilities for tending to the garden, and put together low or no cost produce boxes to be distributed to students, volunteers or not, on the basis of need. To determine this, we will develop a request form of some sort, in which anyone who says they are in need of access to produce will be accepted. If we receive more requests than we can accommodate, we will likely resort to first-come first-serve. Some amount of a harvest will also be taken home by each volunteer so that everyone can enjoy the fruits of their labour.

We also envision that in future years, this project might be able to expand to also have room for individually allotted plots which could be rented by students for their personal use, so that even more people can enjoy the benefits of gardening, although this is beyond the scope of the first year of planning.

Our plan is for this garden to provide ample volunteer opportunities so that everyone who wants to get involved with community gardening is able to (and we have encountered a lot of interest so far), and more members of the McMaster community can foster a greater connection with food production and gardening in general, while working toward our vision of reducing barriers to access of fresh produce.

Our Team: Our planning committee is a team of 7 students and one faculty member.

Dr. Terry McCurdy, School of Nursing

Ashley Gonsalves, Biology Level III

Justine Becker, Arts & Science Level IV 

Sydney Potts, Arts & Science Level IV

Sarah Mantini, Social Work Level IV 

Tad Moretti, Arts & Science Level V

Vikash Nanthakumar, iBio Med Level IV

Serena Balzer, Arts & Science Level III