My name is Jamie Mudrick, I am currently in my fourth year of study at McMaster University, majoring in Communication studies with a minor in Political Science. I am doing an internship with OPIRG, which I find to be very fulfilling thus far, learning about the working groups that OPIRG is involved with and seeing what they are able to do around McMaster and the Hamilton community.
I am doing various things to help promote OPIRG and its multitude of working groups. These include writing articles for McMaster’s newspaper, The Silhouette, and helping with blog posts about the board members involved with OPIRG. It is a great experience to learn more about the work that the individual working groups do, and I look forward to sharing this information with the McMaster community.
I will be working with OPIRG for the remainder of the semester, and look forward to seeing what we can accomplish in this time. After I graduate, I hope to teach English abroad for a year or two (and get a little bit of travelling done while away). McMaster has given me countless skills that I hope to implement while at OPIRG and beyond.