This coming Tuesday, October 10, is the introductory meeting for the NON-VIOLENT COMMUNICATION (NVC) working group.

Non-Violent Communication is a practical skill set focusing on expressing and receiving the needs and emotions at the heart of an issue so as to promote compassion, empathy, and better understanding. NVC is useful for mediation, group discussion, management, or just generally enjoying a better understanding with those closest to you.

This initial meeting will be primarily for determining interest and then planning towards a workshop at the end of the month (27, 28 of october). Once we have taken the workshop and have a group of people familiar with the NVC skills, we will apply these skills throughout the Hamilton and McMaster community in whatever ways the group members decides would be meaningful to them.

The meeting will be held in the student centre, room 230 et 3:30 on Tuesday October 10 — and there will be cookies!

Please come out if you are interested in learning and getting involved with some compassionate positive change.

Peter and Allie

—For more information, contact Allison at