Rainforest Alliance

When you’re looking at a food label, whether it’s to understand the directions of how to cook it, or checking the ingredients list or the expiry date, but have you come across a logo claiming that it is certified pertaining to the environment? Some of the popular certification include:

Rainforest Alliance Certified: aims for social and environmental responsibility (hey, that sounds like OPIRG!) that is set out by strict criteria in the sustainable agricultural network. This means that farmers receive higher than minimum wage, and the soil is not eroded, and there are no chemicals entering the watersources. The Rainforest Alliance was first created by the Chiquita banana farm when workers wanted improvements in exports as the waterways were initially clogged with plastic bags that were used to package the bananas. There are now more than 3,000 brands that are rainforest alliance certified.

  • Califia farms
  • Clif bar
  • McDonald’s coffee
  • Marley Coffee

ECOLOGO Certification

UL ECOLOGO Certified products is a North American product that has undergone very strict third-party auditing, an evidence based approach that results in a very low environmental impact on the end-of-life cycle analysis. A few benchmarks that the product needs to address to achieve this certification is:

  • materials
  • energy
  • manufacturing and operations
  • health and environment

This certification can be found in building and construction, cleaning products, digital products, recycled plastic products and many more!

From the grocery store audit, these laundry detergents were found at Sobeys. These bottles are made from 100% post consumer recycled plastic to reduce energy usage and waste in landfills. This is a third party UL EcoLogo certified formula, plant based, and natural lavendar oils. More information on shopping about these clean products, check out their website here.