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Board of Directors

OPIRG has an active Board of Directors of primarily full-time undergraduates. The Board is a great place to gain experience and contribute as a volunteer to an organization that strives to make a difference.

You can reach the BOD via e-mail at with any questions, concerns, or suggestions regarding the organization.

Be on the Board

The 2017-2018 Board of Directors has been selected. Information on joining the 2018-2019 Board will be posted in February 2018.

2017-2018 Board of Directors:

Esmonde Jamieson-Eckel,    Graham Baker,    Nusrat Mir,   Gail Jamieson,   Hannah Walters-Vida,   Walid Abdulaziz,   Tanya Brkic,   Sahra Soudi,   Arun Jacob

President/Chairperson: Esmonde Jamieson-Eckel 

  • responsible for signing documents such as grant applications

Secretary: Graham Baker 

  • shall perform such duties as signing of documents when necessary

Treasurer: Nusrat Mir 

  • shall ensure that all financial records are regularly and properly kept
  • shall be a signing officer for OPIRG McMaster
  • shall, along with staff, develop the budget
  • will be responsible for maintaining the financial health of the organization

Provincial Rep: Esmonde Jamieson-Eckel and Tanya Brkic

  • become familiar with the provincial organization, Ontario PIRG
  • attend provincial board training schools and AGMs and other provincial board meetings
  • represent your local PIRG on the provincial board, circulate and discuss agenda items at your local PIRG before Ontario PIRG meetings
  • collect travel receipts from other board members
  • let the hosting PIRG know abut what accommodations are necessary
  • maintain an email address on the provincial board listserve
  • report relevant discussions and decisions to your local PIRG
  • lead your local board in developing proposals for provincial activities (Public Interest School, Peggy McKay Award, hosting provincial meetings, etc.)
  • maintain local records of provincial minutes, policy and contact lists
  • participate in a committee at the provincial level

Policies and Procedures: Esmonde Jamieson-Eckel, Nusrat Mir and Hannah Walters-Vida

  • develop policies and procedures as identified by the board to enable OPIRG McMaster to function most effectively

Publicity: Walid Abdulaziz

  • maintain a list of volunteers for postering
  • strengthen’s OPIRG McMaster’s profile on campus and within the community
  • provide suggestions for further publicizing OPIRG McMaster events

Staff Liaison: Gail Jamieson and Graham Baker 

  • become familiar with the Collective Agreement and the Hiring Policy
  • should be responsible for appropriate procedure in cases of concern regarding staff/board/member relationships
  • engage in evaluations when necessary, which are meant not only to identify concerns, but to recognize the positive contributions and achievements of the staff

Working Group Co-ordinator:  Hannah Walters-Vida, Gail Jamieson and Nusrat Mir 

  • learn about active working groups
  • keep Working Groups informed of relevant Board decisions
  • work with the Provincial Rep to publicize the Public Interest School and solicit proposals for Working Group Conferences and Peggy McKay Award

Resource Centre: Walid Abdulaziz

  • become familiar with the organization and contents of the resource centre
  • lead the Board in choosing priorities for the resource centre in terms of purchases and improvements
  • help to publicize the Resource Centre throughout the campus community
  • possibly look into obtaining extra funding for the Resource Centre e.g. prepare and mail an annual appeal for subscription donations to McMaster faculty

Anti-Harassment: Vacant

  • become familiar with the OPIRG McMaster anti-harassment policy
  • follow appropriate procedure in cases concerning a harassment issue


  • become familiar with current and past grants
  • seek out possible sources of future funding
  • organize fundraising events
  • seek to enhance the financial profile of OPIRG McMaster by looking into financial partnerships

​SRA Meeting Liaisons: Vacant

* Grad Student Rep:  Vacant

* Queer Students Liaison Rep: Vacant

* Anti-Violence Network Rep: Vacant

  • The Anti-Violence Network is a group of McMaster student, staff, and faculty who having been meeting monthly since 1997 to share concerns, offer support and co-ordinate efforts against violence on campus

* McMaster Community Poverty Initative (MCPI) Rep: Vacant

  • The McMaster Community Poverty Initiative is the title for a group of students, faculty and staff dedicated to research, advocacy and education and action related to poverty reduction. Together with our partners in the Hamilton community, we strive to use knowledge for social change.
  • It will bring together people from the university (faculty, staff and students) and from organizations in the community who work in pursuit of a more equitable and just society. It will strive to involve people who live in poverty in all facets of its work.
  • Its work and direction will be guided by the expertise of communities and individuals knowledgeable about what it means to be poor and to live in Hamilton.

* The President’s Advisory Committee on Building an Inclusive Community (PACBIC) and ACFAM Reps: Vacant

  • Identify and anticipate issues affecting equity-seeking communities both within the University and relevant to those seeking access to the University, and to advise the President on such issues;
  • Provide a forum for discussion, reflection and learning on issues of inclusion, equity and community-building and, in keeping with the spirit of the University, create spaces for respectful debate on important social issues;
  • Provide advice to the President on the planning and development of policies and programs related to “building an inclusive community with a shared purpose” (the third strategic goal of Refining Directions), both within the University and the broader McMaster community;
  • Meet with the President at least once a year to discuss PACBIC’s work and progress;
  • Provide reports and make recommendations for action to the President, the University Planning Committee (UPC) and other relevant University bodies in order to channel advice through the University structure and thus sustain a University culture that advances equity and inclusion.

* ​McMaster Muslims for Peace and Justice Liaison: Vacant

* all OPIRG McMaster representatives are to provide mutual support to the partner organization by means of publicity, creative input, and financial assistance as endorsed by the Board