Name: Annilee Baron

Area of study: Psychology, neuroscience and behaviour and music (specialized)

Annilee in OPIRG Resource Centre
photo by Bronwyn Kay

How she got involved with OPIRG: Annilee first discovered McMaster’s OPIRG while in her first year women’s study class, when OPIRG’s Coordinator of Volunteers Randy Kay did a presentation on the organization. She appreciated what they stood for, and after doing some further research she got involved and was elected to the board last April.

Role in OPIRG: Annilee is one of nine board of directors at OPIRG, and specifically works on the Resource Centre portfolio.

She explained that they hold board meetings every two weeks to oversee the direction of the organization and staff. This year Annilee helped guide the reorganization of the Resource Centre, creating more space by thinning books from our library, and replacing large desks with a work table.

She also helps write and update OPIRG policies.

“The board approves things together using consensus. It’s a nice environment for people wanting to make a positive contribution to social justice,” she explained.

– By Bronwyn Kay