Yes, well, the board of directors and the staff do in fact meet during the summer to do business (and eat).

August’s meeting was an efficient affair that saw OPIRG’s board deal with several issues and requests, rendering thoughtful judgements and coming to consensus with time to spare. We were only in the board room for about an hour.

It is difficult to get everyone together during the summer, so, at times e-mail becomes a convenient tool that we need to employ – but it lacks the human element that face to face meetings and discussions bring to the issues. It is truly a pleasure to meet and work together, and summer meetings are no exception.

We’re gearing up for a full-on fantastic fall season as students return in droves to the campus, and we hope that we continue to attract the best and brightest and very active to opirg. There’s much work to be done, and we want to get at it, right?!

We will shortly be unveiling some of the fall activities that we’ve been plotting, and hoping that everyone and their third cousin is on the e-mail events list so that nothing gets by you.

Thanks to board member Bob Hicks for the lovely pics, though you don’t get to see him since he didn’t attempt one of those often awkward shots of himself.