Honouring Audre Lorde and Black Queer Writers & Artists
Monday, February 22 @ 8:00 PM – 10:30 PM in Bridges Café
Come join McMaster Womanists and United in Colour to celebrate the works of Black Queer writers and artists this Black History Month.  This is a collaborative event so we want people to see writings/media they are passionate about and can speak to one another about at this event. It makes sharing a whole lot more meaningful when the pieces are close to your heart. These writings/media can be excerpts from novels, bloggers, online articles, videos, images, and any other source you can think of. They can be your favourite works from anyone, including Audre Lorde
Vigilante –  Movie Screening
Friday, February 26th  @ 6:30  PM in MUMC 1A3
Ex-con Dexter Gooding is deported from the US and returns to Barbados to discover his homeland engulfed in crime. Armed with the guilt of his past crimes and a genuine passion to see his birthplace thrive, he takes on the role of vigilante.
Employing a Robin Hood-style, he soon collides with Amy, a white Barbadian woman, who deploys a polar opposite, Martin Luther King-like approach to helping the same community. As the boiling pot of racial prejudice, passion, love and hate erupts, their lives and shared mission reach a crucial crossroad.
Hosted by OPIRG McMaster
Afrocentric Ideals
Friday, March 4 @ 4 PM – 6:30 PM in Bridges Café
Hosted by Mac Africans and OPIRG McMaster