I might pull together a best of 2013, or I might just drift off into holiday mode, but here’s a shot from a great annual event hosted by OPIRG: Our Fair Trade Festival, held in November.

Pictured are Amina, a former OPIRG McMaster Board member and current Hamilton Urban Beekeeper working group member, showing her Sassafras Natural Care products line, something she has developed and shares periodically in DIY body care workshops with OPIRG; and Brian, who has worked for OPIRG McMaster developing and delivering our first ever Alternative Welcome Week in 2010, a tradition that continues with full weeks of social justice and environmental events introducing the campus community to local and international issues to get involved in, here pictured with his Radical zine distro. Good people, good times.

This seems like an opportunity to say thanks to all the many volunteers who have contributed in so many ways to a great first semester with lots of steam heading into 2014. You make it happen. Keep it up.