Views: Hamilton, ON, Canada by Randy Kay

The OPIRG RESOURCE CENTRE in 360 panorama.
A small space in the student centre stuffed with big desks and books and papers.
A place where three part time staff split their 22 hours/week.
A place that was never really planned. Storage is shelving, cabinets, file folders in drawers and desks, even wicker baskets.
The furniture is basically the same used furniture we bought from MAPS back when the Student Centre opened and we relocated from Hamilton Hall.
In short: we are overdue for an upgrade. A plan. Some design touches.

If our mission here at McMaster is to enable students and community members to address important social justice and environmental issues in the public interest, how might we better build a physical space to do that? What do you think, given our room size restraints, we might do?

Feel free to comment, we value your input.