Volunteer Opportunity: 

Open Streets Hamilton is offering a Bike Valet service for events across Hamilton. Bike Valets allow participants to events to arrive in an active, sustainable manner and enjoy the event with the knowledge that their bikes are safe. The bike valet works like a coat check for bikes, volunteers are responsible for signing in and parking bikes within the secure bike parking area, and returning the bikes to the clients when the claim tag is presented. There is no cost to use the service but donations are accepted and go towards programming at Open Streets Hamilton title event (July 13th, James Street North).

Bike valets work in teams of at least 2 volunteers. We are currently seeking volunteers for:
Reenactment of the Battle of Stoney Creek @ battlefield house
June 7 from 9:00 am to 10:00 pm
3 shifts – 2 people per shift
9 – 2 – need one person
2 – 6 – need two people
6 – 10 – need two people
June 8 from 10:00 am to 5:30 pm
2 shifts – 2 people per shift
10 – 1 – need two people
1 – 5:30 – full.

Please contact Jordan at jordanfysh@gmail.com if you are interested