This year, the Culture for Peace coalition is organizing the annual commemoration of the dropping of atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki by focusing on the Nagasaki date, August 9. There will be an official program of events at City Hall Council Chambers at noon.
That evening, Thursday, the Shadow Project will take place on James St. North. You are invited to come and make chalk outlines of one another lying on the ground. The “shadows” symbolize the thousands of victims who were vaporized by the bombs in 1945. 
Chalk is supplied. Don’t wear your Sunday best! 
We want to start at three or four focal points (Christ’s Church Cathedral, Cannon & James, the armories, Barton to Murray) and spread outwards. The Cathedral is already on board.
The shadow project means to be educational, reverential, and exciting!  It aims to make a strong visual impact on the Art Crawl crowds that will fill the street on the following evening.
At each location, we need 8-10 people to make shadow drawings for about an hour to make a visual impact.
Let me know if you can help. Bring your family and friends. 
Meet at You Me Gallery, 330 James St. North. at 7 pm, Thursday August 9. 

Bryce Kanbara (905) 523-7754