An(other) OPIRG McMaster summer student research update:

As a summer student, I have been hired to bring awareness of poverty issues to First Year Students during welcome week. One of the first things accomplished this summer was a pamphlet introducing the McMaster Poverty Initiative.

The McMaster Poverty Initiative is a group of faculty, students and staff dedicated to research, advocacy, education, and action related to poverty. The goal is to use knowledge for social change. The pamphlet outlined facts about poverty in the city of Hamilton. For example, there enough people living in poverty in Hamilton to fill Copps Coliseum five times.

Bringing awareness to First Year student regarding Hamilton’s high poverty rate through activities such as the Amazing Race event and Iris the theatre production during McMaster’s welcome week are the activities I have been working on this summer.

Yolisa Nongauza

Yolisa’s work is made possible through McMaster University’s 2008 Summer Work Program through the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships.