AMANDA LEMUS – Summer Student Researcher at OPIRG McMaster

What am I studying?
Gerontology (Health, Aging and Society)

How did this job open up?
The North Hamilton Community Health Centre and OPIRG McMaster formed a partnership for a research project. So, I had the opportunity to work on a seniors’ project initiative for 8 weeks in the summer of 2009. The project title was “Seniors in the North End of Hamilton – Understanding, Poverty, Aging and Health.” (Read the Report here]

What did I do? I had to collate, analyze, report, and make recommendations pertaining to recently collected data from the NHCHC development led focus groups. The work involved utilizing my skills and academic knowledge as well as learning how to take those skills and apply them to the community setting. Additionally, the opportunity allowed me to experience working within a multidisciplinary health care setting, and opportunity to interact with a diversity of clients, community members and service agencies.

The part of my work that gets me all excited? The report that I compiled will help the centre in establishing future programs for the North End seniors that will enhance their lives and health.

Other comments? I can’t express how awesome this experience has been especially when a student is trying to increase their experience in their chosen academic field. Thanks everyone at OPIRG and the Health and Wellness Team at the North Hamilton Community Health Centre for the opportunity to work in my field and make a difference in my community!