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Agendas and Meeting Minutes

This is where the current agendas and past meeting minutes for our board meetings can be found.
We are currently working on uploading our past minutes, so please be patient!

All community members and students in the McMaster community are welcome to attend our board meetings.

Upcoming Board Meeting

Date: Wednesday, August 16, 2018 Time: 9:45pm to 11pm Skype Meeting


  1. Land Acknowledgement
  2. Ratification of June 21, 2018 meeting minutes
  3. OPIRG 2018-19 budget finalisation and approval
  4. Staffing at OPIRG McMaster (In-Camera)
  5. Review Staff Job Descriptions
  6. Refund period (no change/online opt-outs)
  7. Moving forward with the Strategic Plan
  8. Resource Centre Book Criteria and Process + Canadian War Stories purchase
  9. Process for Proposal Forms
  10. Set meeting with Union Representative
  11. Other Announcements by Board

Google Drive folder with OPIRG McMaster minutes from 2018 – click here to access

Google Drive folder with minutes from 2017 – click here to access

2016 Minutes (Google Drive Folder) – click here to access