Our First Harvest: Radishes

Interview with a special guest at the garden!

The rad-est of the rad: RADISH!

Gardener: Last Thursday we had a very important day for the garden. It was our first harvest day! Harvesting is one of the most gratifying and exciting jobs when gardening. There is something so satisfying about pulling something out of the dirt you planted. In honour of our special day, we have a very respected guest joining us from the garden. (*insert drumroll*) 

Radish! Radish is quite the celebrity in the garden and was also the first vegetable to be harvested. 

Radish: Hello, hello! It’s so good to be out of the dirt and sitting in the sun here with you. 

Gardener: Well, you look absolutely radish-ing. It feels like it was only three weeks ago when you were a seed in my hand, and I planted you in the garden with the carrots. You grew so fast! How do you feel about being harvested? Would you say you were ready for this momentous moment of your life? 

Radish: Well, one can never fully be prepared for such a milestone in their life, but I would say yes- I was feeling ready to be harvested. I was starting to get firm to touch and growing to be about 1.5cm in diameter. I knew that if I was left in longer, all my spirits would fade, and I would no longer be the crunchy and spicy radish that I aspired to be. 

Gardener: That’s amazing. I’m glad we pulled you out of there in time! Now that you are out of the dirt, what will you do? What are your hopes and dreams? 

Radish: Well, you know I am a very indecisive person. There are just so many things I can be! I could be roasted with potatoes and seasoned with creamy dill dressing (click here for the recipe!). My mom really wanted me to be because she was also roasted after being harvested. To compare it to human terms, it’s like being part of a legacy of doctors. But I think I am more drawn to being more abstract than roasted. You know? Like perhaps I could be in a cilantro salsa for tacos (click here for the recipe!

Or maybe I can play on my bitter and spicy side and just not be cooked at all. Just raw on top of a tasty baguette (click here for the recipe!). I think that would be really sexy.

Gardener: wow. There are just so many things you could do with your life. I am sure whatever path you choose will be very fulfilling. They all reveal different parts of your unique personality, and I know you will make the right choice. 

Radish: Thanks! I appreciate your confidence in me. Being the first radish to be harvested, I feel a lot of pressure to make the right choice and be a role model for the rest of the radishes. But being a part of this garden and the community fridge makes me confident that whatever I do will be meaningful. 

Gardener: I think so too! I am excited to see where you go! It was an honour to harvest you and interview you. Thank you for your time and all the calcium and potassium you will be providing for our friends. 

Radish: Of course! I love helping the human body lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart disease. 

Radishes are super easy to plant and harvest. They are usually planted in May and are ready to be harvested three weeks after they have been planted. You want them to be 1-2.5cm in diameter and firm to touch! They are a great addition to your salads and pickled food collection and come with a lot of different nutritional benefits. Check out the recipes tagged in the interview and try them out with the radishes we put in the community fridge!