Student Voting 101: What you need to know for the September 20th, 2021 Election

By Aislyn Sax, OPIRG McMaster

Ways to Vote

Elections Canada Website

What to Bring to Vote


  • Option 1:

    You need to prove your identity and address. Most electors bring ONE government ID with

    • Picture
    • Full Name
    • Address that matches the riding

    Ex. Driver’s License, Passport

  • Option 2:

    If you don’t have one ID with all the requirements bring 2. Each must have your name, and one with your current address. Ex. student card and utility bill

  • Option 3:

    If you forgot your ID or don’t have the right ones. You can also have someone ASSIGNED to your polling place VOUCH for you. They must confirm your name and address. You can just write them down as your ID.

Download our Vote Brochure Here

Please be advised that the VOTE ON CAMPUS program is CANCELLED for the September 2021 Federal election.The program allowed students to automatically have the option to vote on SPECIAL BALLOTS. These let you vote in any riding in Canada provided you could prove your residence. This included home cities using ID like driver’s license…

You still have the ability to vote for either your hometown riding or school riding there are just a few extra steps (see above or download the brochure).