Come support OPIRG Sunday!

OPIRG at the SRA

OPIRG at the SRA November 25, 5pm in GH 111
Come support OPIRG Sunday

OPIRG’s annual presentation to the Student Representative Assembly (SRA) of the McMaster Student Union (MSU) is Sunday, November 25 starting at 5:00 pm in Gilmour Hall Council Chambers (GH 111).

How to Support OPIRG

Like any political campaign, contacting your elected representative is an under-used but powerful and direct way to share your concerns or comments. Each McMaster faculty has undergraduate representatives representing students so you have specific people you can talk to! Send them a message, and keep track of their response (or non-response)!

That’s just the start. Elected officials (like the SRA) really take note when constituents actually start to show up, so if you can come in person and be there for OPIRG’s student board during their presentation, you will help OPIRG while experiencing the democracy of a representative assembly.


SRA Faculty Reps on Twitter

SRA Faculty Twitter List

Annual “Bylaw 5” Presentation

Each year non-MSU, non-McMaster groups that receive funding from students present to the SRA about financial accountability. Groups like OPIRG, Incite Magazine, Engineers Without Borders, and Marching Band are in this category.

The SRA Bylaw 5 requires the information (below) and if the SRA is not satisfied with the accountability there, the can send a group’s fee to a referendum of the full student body.

  • 3.1.1 Annual provision of financial statements to the Vice-President (Finance) by October 15, in a similar manner as submitted to the University, notwithstanding any accommodation provided by the SRA Standing Committee on Finance;

  • 3.1.2 Maintenance of easily accessible online financial reporting;

  • Any group which falls under the Financial Accountability Policy for Student Organizations can follow University guidelines for online financial reporting;

  • 3.1.3 Administration of the fee appropriately and in accordance with the original referendum or General Assembly motion that instituted the fee.

  • 3.4 If the SRA Standing Committee on Finance determines that an organization has failed to meet the requirements outlined in Section 3.1 of this bylaw, a motion for referendum for that fee must be submitted to the SRA for consideration.

Why Support OPIRG McMaster?

OPIRG McMaster has been an active source for student engagement since 1995, and we continue to change and grow to ensure we provide the kind of support students need to be effective agents of change.


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